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in Kooperation mit Beljana Metje







CALIMA. English: Haze. Definition: “The Saharan Air Layer is an extremely hot, dry and sometimes dust-laden layer of the atmosphere [which] passes over the Canary Islands where the phenomenon is named 'Calima'. [It] manifests as a fog that reduces visibility and deposits a layer of dust over everything."

Dealing with the passing time, we delve into the imagined reality of old black and white family photos. Sometimes the veil of the dust is lifted to reveal unsaid words, seething feelings, unexpressed situations.

We see wide but the other side is empty.

We don’t see the wind coming, we only see that somehow we don’t see. It is a slow warm void that shuts our eyes, grows as swirling vortex.

The hourglass as shell around the sand storm, enduring over time –

two glass bodies, connected only through its fragile middle point where time seeps through.

Two that hold each other.

Turned upside down: two that hold each other.

We carry each other. So that the earth underneath is carried, too.

We grow together, since the earth is the same we all have been walking on.

We make each other see through the sand maelstrom of time,

walk through centuries more to come.

Time standing still like women in old family photos. Standing on the earth, waiting in the void, seeing sand all around them, until feeling it passing through them - making them move.



Concept, Choreography and Performance:

Mira Rosa Plikat and Beljana Metje

Photos: Bernard Mescherowsky

Camera: Carsten Fleck

Editing: Mauritz Böttger

Poet: Carmen González

Funded by

Auf-Gehts - Stipendienprogramm des Landes NRW


CasArte Dance Residency El Hierro and Bimbache open ART festival 2021

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